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Welcome to my Seattle Psychotherapy Practice.


What matters most in choosing a therapist is finding someone with whom you can establish rapport and collaborate. It’s important to me that you feel listened to, well regarded, and “gotten” so that you will be able to access useful tools and new stories for moving forward. It’s equally essential that you find the therapeutic space to be comfortable, and safe-- a place of acceptance, where your voice and perspective are welcome and respected.

As a therapist, I try to be attentive, transparent and curious. My approach is informed by an interest in the mind, creativity, the arts, and inquiry-based education. 


Often the people I have worked with have found themselves struggling with issues such as:

  • Letting go and loss: experiencing a recent loss, or unable to let go of the past


  • Lacking adequate coping skills when faced with a new life circumstance or life transition


  • Wrangling with repeating, unfulfilling or unhealthy relationship patterns


  • Feeling caught in self-destructive, or self-obstructing cycles


  • Living in dread of the unknown


  • Feeling anxious, ambivalent, numb, or stuck about the present


  • Experiencing blocked or foreclosed creativity


  • Being dissatisfied with career/work


  • Finding themselves isolating and/or avoiding social situations and support




Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure

nor this thing nor that but simply growth.

We are happy when we are growing.


                                                                                                              - William Butler Yeats




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