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With Music

In Musicophilia (2007) Oliver Sacks wrote about the therapeutic potential of music to help calm, animate, comfort, organize, and synchronize humans.

Music Therapists Schneck and Berger (2006) developed a system using music to calm and redirect fear responses for persons with easily activated sympathetic nervous systems.

Music has also been used as a therapeutic treatment for such physiological conditions as chronic pain (Patrick, 1999).

Patrick, G. (1999). The effects of vibroacoustic music on symptom reduction. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology, 18(2), 97-100.


Sacks, O. (2007). Musicophilia: Tales of music and the brain. New York, NY: Alfred A. Knopf.

Schneck D. J., & Berger D. S. (2006). The music effect: Musical physiology and clinical applications. Great Britain: Atheneaeum Press.

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